mediaRif - The Future of
Creative Services

Since 2001, mediaRif has provided its clients enterprise-level software development, digital video, print, and rich media services. Founded by three brothers - Craig, Larry, and Mikel Nybo - our little agency got its start by working on high-end retail software intranet products. With the addition of Ben Fuller as the chief strategist and the director of client services in 2009, we successfully made the transition to a full service digital creative agency. With our combined programming, writing, production, postproduction, animation and design skills and an overall attitude of the more challenging the project the better, mediaRif is well equipped to fulfill a variety of creative needs for any company. We are: Craig Nybo (CEO & Creative Director), Larry Nybo (CTO and Director of Interactive Development), Ben Fuller (Chief Strategist and Director of Client Services), Mike Terrell (Lead Designer and Animator).