A "Brand" used to be a symbol or name attributed to a product or company, but it has changed a lot since the olden days. Now it is better described as an extension into the marketplace and social sphere of a Corporate Personality and Culture.

As such, a Brand needs more than a mark - it needs a story and thought process behind it, that can be summed up in a Strategy of communication with past, present and future customers, clients, fans and non-fans.

It needs clear cut rules of engagement, and how those rules vary based on the medium in which the Brand engages. A Brand speaks differently in social media than it has to in TV Commercials, or in Print Magazines, or on Web Banners.

A clear vision of that Brand starts with a clear vision of the target audience, and a sincere communication strategy that outlines how that communication happens.

And that all starts with an open sit down between the Client Partners and us. So, let's get going.

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