Utah State Fair Broadcast Campaign Right On Target
mediaRif is the agency of record for the Utah State Fair. As such, we are tasked with bringing new life to the fair through concise, compelling, and engaging communication with the public. In 2018, we decided that a 1980’s retro theme would be a perfect fit. This is due to the resurgence of 80’s pop […]
2018-09-19 17:38:00
Where Do We Go From Here – Ad Agency and Client
I have been thinking a lot around the changing Agency Model and how creative execution is moving more in house. This is naturally resulting in retainer dollars (the gold standard goal of a thriving Agency) drying up broadly. One of the big drivers of companies pulling creative In-House is, what I refer to in my […]
2018-09-05 17:19:34
The Importance Of Well Managed Creative Review Cycles
The importance of clean and tightly managed review cycles in the creation of collaborative media (advertising/marketing, web development, commercial video production, etc) cannot be underestimated. It is by nature a process that is dependent upon disparate points of input in order to, hopefully, create a compelling whole. And as such, the most simple and predictive […]
2016-10-21 21:17:20
Photography: Exposing for Fast Action
Artistically freezing the action is easy with a few action photography tips. Even beginners, with a little practice, can take jaw-dropping action photos; it is a matter of understanding the basics of exposure and using an artistic eye. Understanding exposure heads the list of sports photography tips. Exposure is defined as how much light hits […]
2016-10-21 21:15:26
rifRaf cartoon – Invasion
rifRaf: An ongoing series of web cartoons created by illustrator/animator Mike Terrell of mediaRif.
2016-10-21 21:14:29
Insta-song: How to Write a Song in 6 Seconds or Less
Composing music can be a complicated exercise. However, if you understand a few rudiments of music theory, you can comp more quickly and with more expertise. A concept I call insta-song is great entry point to understanding music theory.   Most music is made up of chord progressions. A chord progression is a series of […]
2016-10-21 18:51:11